Reconstruction to start soon at Mercy hospital

Reconstruction of sections of the St Joseph Mercy Hospital is set to start on September 19 with Dyrock Constructions undertaking work on the Materials Management Building and Rafik and Sons Construction working on renovations in the north wing.

Vice-Chairman of the hospital board Carlton Joao said the Materials Management Building will be an entirely new concrete structure measuring 4,300 square feet erected to the north of the compound. The $50 million contract was signed yesterday. The work is estimated to last for about two months.

Joao said the ‘big project’ is the work on the north wing which would involve the renovation of 18,000 square feet of existing space. Rafik and Sons Construction won the tender valued $238 million, VAT inclusive to renovate the North wing which is being called the ‘North Block Refurbishment Project.’ While these works are being done, brand new facilities will be added such as a second operating theatre. This project is expected to last for eight months.

In addition, hospital CEO Helen Browman said along with the external structure the hospital is also upgrading its x-ray and lab equipment. It started this process by replacing the conventional x-ray machine with a radiology machine which is digital. The overall efficiency of the lab has also been boosted.

Chairman of the hospital Conrad Plummer said though “It took a while to put everything in place” management is now ready to make a start at rebuilding after the May 9, 2010 fire that ravaged the hospital. “We are not just upgrading but we are bringing the hospital to the 21st century,” he added. Plummer also said the hospital is doing everything in its power to ensure that the delivery of health care is taken seriously.

According to Plummer fundraising is an ongoing progress and the hospital is still appealing for donations as it only has 2/3 of the cash needed to complete the renovations.

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