File on moonlighting presidential guards back with DPP

The fate of the presidential guards who were involved in an incident at Guyana Sandport Inc in July still lies in the hands of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Police Commissioner Henry Greene told Stabroek News last evening that the matter went to the DPP and criminal charges were not recommended based on the investigation. He said that the Force is looking at the “departmental aspect of the matter now”.

Greene explained that “the file had been recalled by the DPP again so we are waiting for her to send that back to us for final pronouncement. She sent it and then she requested it back”, he said before explaining that the errant ranks are not on actual duty.

On July 26, around 2 am, about 30 men, including presidential guards armed with their guns, stormed the Lot 9 Coverden, East Bank Demerara facility. Members of the group reportedly assaulted two guards on duty. Police, acting on a report, later found presidential guards manning the gates. The guards told the responding officers that they could leave, since they (the guards) were already handling the matter.

Police, however, later arrested eight presidential guards and five civilians, while the others fled. Stabroek News was told that more presidential guards, who were recruited as enforcers, were involved in the incident.

Co-owner of Guyana Sandport Inc. Rodrigo De Paula, who was among those arrested on site during the raid, later said the men were hired to “conduct a peaceful operation” to remove the conveyor system to prevent the illegal use of the wharf he had rented. He said he was clueless to the fact that they were presidential guards.

De Paula along with those arrested was released without charge after spending less than 72 hours in custody.

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