Guyana, Mexico ink MOU on consultative mechanism

The Government of Guyana will issue to Mexican nationals five-year multiple entry visas and two-year  visas for the purposes of vacation, business and being in-transit respectively, providing they meet necessary immigration requirements.

This  was stated when the  Governments of Guyana and Mexico  yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understand-ing  for the establishment of a consultative mechanism on matters of common interest.

Guyana’s signatory, Minis-ter of Foreign affairs, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett, informed that Guyana having already a functional relationship with Mexico; evidence of this being that Mexico is the only Central American country that has an embassy established here -and that country taking the first step in issuing Guyanese nationals multiple entry visas for up to ten years, took the initiative in reciprocating visa issuances. Notwithstanding this, both countries saw the need to have a MOU that will concretize and strengthen future talks prepping for stronger bilateral agreements

Minister of Foreign Affairs Carolyn Rodrigues- Birkett (right) and Mexican Ambassador Fernando Sandoval sign the Memorandum of Understanding yesterday.

Said Minster Birkett “what this Memorandum of Understanding will do is to ensure there is a permanent mechanism for dialogue and mutual interest”. These consultations she informed will be held at the ministerial level and if needed with additional senior officials.

Birkett expressed gratitude to Mexican authorities for their unselfish sharing not only on tackling the  drug trade, giving educational scholarships, and a wealth of  assistance on developing the agriculture sector but their positive influence on the Guyanese culture. She stated that although current Ambassador Fernando Sandoval’s tenure in Guyana will soon come to an end she looked forward to working with whoever is placed here.

On behalf of Mexico, Ambassador Sandoval stated that  Mexico saw enormous  potential  in Guyana  and for the last two years and six months both countries worked  diligently leading up to the formalizing of yesterday’s agreement.  He further posited that Mexico looked forward to stronger ties.

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