Sugar shortage hits some supermarkets

Several supermarkets across Georgetown have no sugar on their shelves although Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) Rajendra Singh says there is no shortage and that the price remains the same — $4,900 per 100-lb bag.

Singh said some field visits will be done to find out what the problem is and hopefully, to have it resolved.

The Manager of Survival Shopping Complex yesterday expressed concern at being unable to acquire sugar despite the many efforts. “We been trying all over. Najab Trading, Two J’s Enterprise on Regent Street, Ramroop on Orange Walk, but the prices are off the charts,” he exclaimed.

The man said buying from sub-agents sometimes proves to be challenging in instances such as this, but explained that he, along with many similar entities, cannot buy directly from the mill since it does not provide delivery. “In this kind of business you really cannot go and join the lines to make an order. You need to have your goods delivered,” he said, adding that this problem affects the consuming public.

The manager said he considers this a major problem and opined that the government should have some input in the situation. “Not only is sugar a day-to-day necessity but chicken as well and both of these products are in the same race… and this been going on for many months now,” he noted.

He further stated that the packaged Demerara Gold sugar, which is the only one available, is now cheaper than the bulk sugar. “Brown sugar and white sugar will soon carry the same price,” he added.

Meanwhile, an employee at Fogarty’s Supermarket said there has been no sugar there for some two weeks now; another employee from the Police Consumers Co-Op Society explained similar circumstances and further stated that prior to this, the supermarket was being supplied with small amounts.

Several vendors in the Bourda Market said that they have not had sugar for the past week, but were expecting deliveries on Tuesday though many were not certain who the provider was.

Neither Nigel’s Supermarket nor Bounty Meat Centre have seen any shortage or price increase, employees from both these stores revealed. Nigel’s retails sugar at $339 for 5 pounds, while Bounty’s price is $369 for 5 lbs. (Frances Abraham)

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