Seven accused in Bel Air $7M heist further remanded

The seven  accused in the Bel Air $7M heist were yesterday further remanded to prison by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry.

The lawyers representing Chandraradha Rampersaud, Shawn Hinds, Jermaine Mitchell, Rabindranaught Seemangal, Aubrey Simon, Rayon Jones and Hardat Kumar renewed their applications for bail when their clients made another appearance at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

All applications were, however, denied by the chief magistrate and the seven accused are expected to return to court on  September 13.

The allegation against the accused is that on July 12 at Bel Air Gardens, being armed with a gun, they robbed Annie Ramsood of $1.4M and US$29,000 (equivalent to $5.8M), totalling $7.2M.

It is further alleged, being armed with a gun, they  robbed Ramsood of a Blackberry cell phone and a quantity of cash, totalling $427,000.

On the last court hearing the jointly-charged defendants were not required to plead to the two indictable charges of  armed robbery.

Mitchell, 20, a carpenter, who resides at Lot 2115 North East La Penitence, Simon, Hinds, 40, a former policeman and taxi driver and 20-year old Seemangal were charged for having in their possession eight rounds of 9mm ammunition and one 9mm pistol without being the holders of firearm and ammunition licences in force at the time.

The jointly-charged quartet  also denied these charges when they appeared in  court on August 23.

Finally, Simon, 21, a final year student of the University of Guyana  is also accused of attaching a false number plate to a vehicle.

He denied that on July 12 he had a false ID number plate, being PKK 3700, on a motor vehicle, knowing same to be false.

Jones, 19, lives at Lot 7 Hardina Street, Werk-en-Rust and Kumar, 30, lives at Lot 23 Owen Street, Kitty.

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