Chronicle staff rattled after guard fires gun in compound

Staff members of the Guyana National Newspapers Limited (GNNL), which publishes the Guyana Chronicle, were traumatized yesterday after a hot-tempered security guard discharged a round following a verbal exchange with a production worker over money.

This newspaper was unable to confirm if the errant guard was taken into police custody but reports are that his superiors turned up and relieved him of the firearm.

Contacted yesterday GNNL General Manager Nandkumar Puran said the incident was “nothing serious. Nothing to be alarmed about in the media… It was a minor incident.” He said no one was injured and declined to release details on what had transpired. He said he was in his office when the incident occurred.

According to the reports reaching Stabroek News, around 2 pm, the guard, who is attached to a private security firm, had a heated argument with an employee. A source said he heard the big argument inside the building and there was a crowd. Shortly after the persons who had gathered dispersed as if the argument had ended. The guard, who was by this time in the compound, discharged a single gunshot. Persons at GNNL could not say if anyone was close to the man when he fired his gun.

The guard then told those who had gathered that he was awaiting his superiors and would hand over his weapon to them.

From all indications, the production worker owed the guard a small debt and this was the spark that started the argument.

Police later visited the scene and met with management.
Several employees who spoke this newspaper said the incident rattled them, particularly because a gun was involved and anyone could have been seriously injured or killed.

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