Food For The Poor building 50 houses at Mashabo

Food For The Poor (FFTP)-Guyana has started a $60M housing project at the Amerindian community of Mashabo, in Region Two.

The project, which began on Monday, will see the construction of 50-houses and sanitation blocks, a community center, and a water distribution network. The project, which is funded solely by the donors, is expected to conclude in October.

In an interview with Stabroek News, Leon Davis, Executive Director of FFTP-Guyana said that the villagers were anxiously awaiting the commencement of the project, which will bring significant transformation. He further added even though the supply of lumber is a major problem for the housing projects, the organisation will continue to persist in meeting the concerns of the needy.

Leon Davis

Davis stated that the 50 homes would also be furnished and a distribution committee would be set up in the area after the project has finished. He also said that the project would create employment for many villagers.

He further stated that the compound of the ‘Judy School of New Beginning,’ which was also built by FFTP in the village, would be fenced. A bakery is also under construction in the village and according to Davis it is expected to be completed by December.

The Mashabo project is the seventh such venture by FFTP-Guyana.
Davis also noted that similar housing projects at Capoey and Suriki have been successes. Of the former, he noted that the families are reaping the benefits after they were able to rear 2,000 chickens given to them and managed to replenish their stock from their sales. At Suriki, Davis added that FFTP-Guyana recently installed a generator to power a saw-mill that it built there along with the houses. He further noted that that a co-op was formed at Suriki and that he was very grateful for the help of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Lands and Surveys Commission and the Forestry Commission.

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