Police draw a blank in search for missing head

Police attached to the Leonora Police Station yesterday conducted a search in the yard of a Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo resident for the head of 24-year-old Ricky Ramkarran, of 285 Jai Dam, Tuschen, Squatting Area. The head was severed from his dead body on September 8.

According to the dead man’s sister Radika, the police went and briefly spoke to the suspect, who lives several houses away from the Ramkarrans, and “looked around the yard”. She added that an empty lot situated behind the woman’s place was searched but nothing was found. “We hear it got a … boy that does live with she and all the time my mother saying she mind run pon her because he (Ricky) had a problem with them last year for 6 months that end up in court and my brother win de case,” she explained.

Meanwhile, another sister told this newspaper that the problem started 2 months ago when Ricky took his sister’s four children to the seawall to bathe. “This same boy, (the neighbour’s son) took one of the children and was ducking her under the water and they had a lil confrontation and de boy turn to Ricky and tell he how he got 21 days more fuh live,” she stated.

Ricky Ramkarran

She further stated that the man has since been threatening them with remarks such as “one more got to go” and even went as far to tease Ricky’s niece saying “Is good yuh mamoo dead”.

Relatives who had gathered to speak to Stabroek News said that they are convinced the head is in the house and that it will be removed sometime during the night.

They also opined that the police did not do enough “Them went laughing like ah fun… like ah joke and when de police gone she cuss we,” another relative said, adding that the woman had known the police.

“The police too slack here…I think town police more serious,” a family member noted, as she further indicated that the family would like to take further action but does not know the procedure to be taken.

Roopmattie ‘Joyce’ Persaud, Ricky’s mother, said she strongly believes the woman is involved in some sort of spiritual work since she had not gotten justice before the court. “Maybe she ain’t satisfied with that,” she said.

Ramkarran was discovered behind the fence of the Tuschen Nursery School among some bushes on September 4, his 24th birthday. The young cane cutter was rushed to the Leonora Cottage Hospital and later transferred to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where he succumbed the following day.

“He never had the intention to kill he self…when we ask he at the hospital why he drink poison he said he don’t know. He don’t have no problem with nobody at home or so,” his sister noted.

The dead man’s mother stated that she has no clue what her next move will be. “Like I get disgust…me nah know what to do,” she solemnly said.

Ricky’s father, Ramkarran Gerald, said that not only was his son’s head removed but a baby’s tomb closely situated to his son’s was also breached and upon further investigation by residents, the corpse was discovered missing.

The man said he is uncertain whether or not the act occurred the same night but noted that the baby was buried one month and a half ago and only a baby bottle and a rag were left behind.

Gerald further stated that the tomb of his brother, who was buried 2 months ago, had just one block removed. “I think maybe because he was probably already starting to smell they didn’t bother do anything,” he opined.

“You gah frighten fuh carry you dead at the burial ground now…you gah burn but burning so expensive,” he said, adding that if he knew this was going to happen he would’ve cremated his son.

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