Thieves steal computers from nurses association, classes in jeopardy

Thieves last weekend broke into the upper flat of the Guyana Nurses Association (GNA) located at Charlotte and Alexander streets and carted off a quantity of electronics that are essential to the continuing education sessions for nurses.

Yesterday, Executive Director Grace Bond pleaded with the perpetrators who carted off the items which included a Dell laptop, a desk top computer with all accessories including internet connections and a projector to be returned to them. She said that without these items which she noted were all “gifts”, the education sessions cannot go on.

“We would like to have the equipment back. We can’t afford to buy more”, she stressed.

Bond  explained that the laptop computer was among donations given to them by USAID to be used for the GNA’s home-based programme while the desktop was a donation from the UN Population Fund.

She later said that the perpetrators entered the upper flat sometime between Saturday night and early Sunday morning by jumping onto a black tank and stretching to a window.

Two louvre panes were removed from the window and someone, who Bond opined was thin boned, squeezed through wooden bars and entered the office.

She said that it was a member of a church who rents the bottom flat, who turned up on Sunday morning and discovered the breakage. According to Bond, the perpetrators came for specific items and did not ransack the place.

Bond told Stabroek News that the desktop computer, computer accessories and a modem were removed from the office. The locked door was opened from the inside and the laptop and the projector were removed from an adjoining room.

She said that this is the first time in recent years that the GNA has suffered a break-in.

The police, she told this newspaper, took a statement from the church member and another woman. The ranks promised to return the following day to take fingerprints but have not turned up.

Bond said that she called the Alberttown Police Station which is handling the matter and it was one excuse after another.

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