TUC calls on Guyanese to reject gov’t over alleged Roger Khan ties

In the wake of the recent release of confidential US diplomatic cables alleging links between government officials and drug lord Roger Khan, the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) has called on Guyanese to “reject” the PPP/C administration.

“It is time…for every Guyanese regardless of race, colour, class, political association and creed to denounce this government as unfit to govern,” the GTUC said. “We must denounce every single one of them, for silence and continued association is tacit support. No exchange of the leading man (President Bharrat Jagdeo) with the architect and engine room operator (Donald Ramotar) will bring about a change in this criminal enterprise that has wrapped its vicious tentacles around our dear land, threatening to destroy us all,” the statement said. “Guyanese must reject them,” the GTUC said, pointing to the alleged link between the government and drug traffickers.

The GTUC also pointed to the WikiLeaks cables which accused the government of demonstrating a “non-committal attitude to fighting crime.   “If US ambassadors and other officials were threatened, resulting in ambassador (Roland) Bullen expressing fear for his life and requesting port to port security and other enhanced security measures, then every Guyanese must ask the simple question, “How safe are we?” said the GTUC.

Quoting the late poet Martin Carter, the GTUC warned that “all are involved and indeed all will be ‘consumed’ even those who believe they have immunity and coverage.”  “Unhindered narco criminality is a public health national disaster for Guyanese that the government is incapable and from all US reports unwilling to fight,” it said. “It therefore leaves each decent, law abiding Guyanese to take responsibility for bringing about change,” the union added. “Let us resolve to fight together to rid our land of the lawlessness that threatens our survival, security, development and peaceful co-existence,” the GTUC said.

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