Murdered Brazilian woman had come to Guyana to get her husband

Murdered Brazilian Marie Alves Da Silva had journeyed to Guyana just over a month ago to collect her husband but was forced to find work since they did not have enough money to travel back to Brazil.

Da Silva was yesterday buried at Le Repentir cemetery following a simple funeral service at the Lyken’s Funeral Home. She was found with her throat slit at the Takutu Backdam internet café where she worked and a quantity of cash was discovered missing.

Fini (only name given), her husband’s employer, told Stabroek News yesterday that a decision was made to have the burial here since it was too expensive to return the body to Brazil.

He said that the husband was the only relative at the funeral and the couple’s daughter was unable to attend. Fini, who is also Brazilian, told this newspaper that he handled the funeral expenses since the husband who has been living in Guyana for about seven months and who was working at his mining camp for the last month, did not have enough money to do so.

He explained that Da Silva came to Guyana about a month ago to get her husband but he was encountering financial issues so she decided to stay and work at an internet café about four miles from his mining camp. He said Da Silva was in the internet café alone for eight days as her “boss” had travelled out of the area to look after business.

Fini said they received information last Saturday that someone had chopped her up and when they arrived at the internet café, they found blood everywhere. He said the radio set that was used to make the calls was destroyed and all the money was gone expect for a $1000 bill that was lying on the floor.

He opined that robbery was the motive and that the woman was killed in the process.
Meanwhile, Crime Chief Seelall Persaud said yesterday that there has been no significant development in the investigation. He said that a post-mortem examination conducted yesterday revealed that she died as a result of shock and haemorrhage due to an incise wound to the neck.

Police had said in a press release that three men were in custody assisting with investigations. It is unclear if they are still being held.

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