White Water youth named best student at Kuru Kuru centre graduation

The Kuru Kuru Training Centre has named Zamal Poliah of White Water, Mabaruma the most disciplined and most outstanding student at its recent graduation exercise.

According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) press release Poliah persevered through challenging circumstances caused by the death of is parents during his childhood and was determined to acquire the skills to become independent.

As a youngster Poliah did not attend school because of an unstable home environment. However, this changed when he reached age 14 and started living with a pastor from his community. Last year he gained acceptance at the centre where he pursued training in Motor Mechanics.

This, he said, gave him the advantage he needed to develop his skills knowing that it was the only field he was capable of working in because of his lack of academic skills. Poliah was determined to pursue some sort of education for personal betterment and when difficulties arose his teachers encouraged him to persevere.

Today, Poliah is proud of his accomplishments and was thankful for the opportunity provided by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport and the centre which he said has “greatly transformed my life.” He also encouraged other students to “make use of every opportunity to gain as much education as possible.”

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