More drainage, road works for Leguan

Minister of Transport and Hydraulics, Robeson Benn told rice millers at Leguan that road works and more drainage and irrigation works will soon be undertaken in the area.

Benn, , during a recent outreach exercise in the area, also said roads would be upgraded to facilitate the transportation of crops after millers complained about the poor roads which they are forced to use, the unavailability of efficient transportation to move the crop to and from the capital and the losses they suffer during the spring tide.

According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) report, Benn made these commitments during an interactive session with millers when he and a team comprising senior engineers from the Ministry of Public Works and Communication visited the Essequibo Island. He also told the millers that spare parts for the smaller ferries they use were destroyed during a recent fire at the Transport and Harbour’s bond and that with three boats now available, the operation of the vessel will be scheduled in order to transport the soon to be harvested rice crop to Georgetown.

Recently, a $93.4M drainage sluice was commissioned at Waterloo, which is designed to drain 2,000 acres of farmland. This area is half the size of cultivated land in Leguan and the sluice will drain both farmlands and homes affected by water from the backlands. In addition to the sluice, a revetment was built leading to the river. Rehabilitation works executed at the Cane Garden embankment will also prevent overtopping during the spring tide.

“The construction of the roll on, roll off stellings at Supenaam and Parika… and the anticipated two new ferry vessels from China, before the end of the year… when it all goes into operation, those other vessels will be free to make more adhoc or scheduled trips between the Island since the larger vessels would not come to Wakenaam or Leguan,” Benn said.

Chief River and Sea Defence Officer Geoffrey Vaughn told the millers that preparatory work has already started at the Cane Garden embankment and permanent works are expected to start soon.

In addition, Marcel Mangal, engineer in charge of project works in Leguan, said that the agriculture roads, particularly those from Doorn Haag to Uniform and Enterprise to Success pump station, will soon undergo rehabilitation.

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