No compensation yet for Enmore sugar worker’s widow

Jainarine Singh, who worked with the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) for over 31 years, succumbed to internal injuries on May 23, one week after a factory dryer, which was reportedly defective, exploded.

The Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the accident and death of the sugar worker completed its investigation last month.

Negligence by GuySuCo and its agent Surendra Engineering Corporation Ltd (SECL) contributed to the accident at the corporation’s Enmore factory, which resulted in the death of Singh, the COI set up to investigate the accident had found.

Singh’s wife, Shakuntala, told this newspaper on Thursday that she had heard nothing from the company since then. “They say they want de death certificate so I made a copy and give them about two weeks ago but I still ain’t get no feedback,” the woman said.

The widow stated, however, that this has not really bothered her. “I don’t mind because they got to do they job… whenever they finish is ok with me. Me nah really mind,” she said.

The commission, which began its work on June 14, had found that Singh, described as a dedicated employee, was in no way negligent in the performance of his duties when the accident occurred.

According to the report, during its investigation the commission ascertained that Singh had been an excellent worker, who had been recently transferred from the LBI estate, where he had worked as a boiler operator for 31 years.  “He had an unblemished safety record. His peers and supervisors reported that he displayed sound safety practice and complied with safety and health policy of GuySuCo. It was as a result of his experience and the above attributes that he was selected to operate the sugar dryer,” the report said.

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