Carnal knowledge accused freed after second trial

The case against Rajendra ‘Jet Ley’ Gussai was yesterday dismissed in the High Court before Justice Roxane George after members of the jury returned to the court room and announced a unanimous not guilty verdict.

It was alleged that on September 4, 2004 Gussai had carnal knowledge of a 14-year-old girl at her home.

According to reports, the virtual complainant (VC) was at home at the time with her younger brother who went and took a bathe before visiting the neighbour’s.

While her brother was away, the VC decided to take a bath also.

The neighbour, not long after, encouraged the boy to return home since his sister was home alone and as he approached his house, he noticed the accused going into his yard with a bicycle. Gussai asked the youngster where he could get air for the wheels of his bicycle and the boy said in a nearby village. The boy was then asked to run the errand and left riding the bicycle.

The VC had told the court that at that time, she came out of the bathroom, which is situated in the yard, and went upstairs to her bedroom, wrapped in an orange towel. She said she went to the vanity and bent down to the fourth drawer and as she turned around, she saw Gussai standing behind her. The court was told that she asked the man what he was doing there and was told to “shut up” after which he attempted to throw her on to the bed. Instead, the young girl fell to the ground where he ravaged her.

The girl said her cries and screams were muffled as her attacker held her mouth during the act. After he left, the VC said her cries were louder and a neighbour was alerted. The first trial in this matter occurred in 2008 when the jury returned 8-4, with 8 members finding Gussai guilty while 4 were undecided.

However, in this instance, there was a unanimous not-guilty verdict.

Gussai was represented by Attorney-at-Law Peter Hughes while the State Prosecutors were Konyo Sandiford and Zamilla Ally.

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