Child Protection Agency hosts rally, other child awareness activities

The Child Protection Agency on Monday started a week of activities including a grand school rally in Mahdia, and several areas countrywide to raise awareness about child abuse.

Several community outreaches were also hosted in Sophia, Mocha Arcadia and at Linden, a press release from the Government Information Agency (GINA) said. Ministry personnel interacted with residents from the various communities and educated them on social issues such as responsible and positive parenting.

The agency also hosted two television programmes in Linden and Berbice. GINA noted that citizens were told about five pieces of legislation that it has mandate over: the Protection of Children’s Bill, Status of Children’s Bill, Adoption of Children’s Bill, Child Care and Development Services Bill and Custody, Guardianship, Maintenance and Access Bills.

This year, Child Protection Week is being observed under the theme ‘Community Partnerships for Child Protection.’ It is being observed in 120 countries, from Monday to Saturday and aims at raising the level of awareness on issues relating to children and propelling individuals and groups into action to keep children safe.

Senior Child Protection Officer in Sophia Concheeta Gray told GINA that the agency is urging all groups, agencies and the public to work closely to rid the society of all forms of abuse against children. She said that protecting the nation’s children is a national effort that requires participation from every section of society.

Gray also said that the agency has shown its commitment to the development of children and has been working passionately to fulfil its mandate; however, the public needs to ensure that their children’s rights are upheld.

“Anyone knowing of any child being abused has a responsibility and duty to uphold to ensure that the child is protected by reporting the issue to the Child Protection Agency on telephone number 227-0979,” she said.

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