Former guard jailed for 15 years for Middle St shooting death

Rawleston Cummings was yesterday sentenced to 15 years imprisonment after pleading not guilty to murder but guilty to the manslaughter of Lloyd Kandasammy before Justice Roxane George on September 5.

The initial sentence was set at 35 years, but 12 years were deducted for Cummings’ guilty plea, 5 years for the time he has already served and another 3 for the mitigating factors presented in the probation report.

Cummings was an armed guard employed at Church’s Chicken located at Camp and Middle streets, Georgetown at the time of the incident.

Rawleston Cummings

Reports are that on March 25, 2006, Kandsammy, a taxi driver, had gone to the restaurant around 1 pm to make a purchase.

A police press release issued at that time indicated that inside the restaurant, Kandsammy became impatient and behaved disorderly, as a consequence of which his money was refunded.

Sources had told Stabroek News he was then escorted out of the building by Cummings and outside, the two were involved in an altercation. It was also reported that while in his vehicle, Kandsammy made threats and was subsequently shot by Cummings.

During yesterday’s proceedings, Justice George noted that this should act as a deterrent to all armed guards from using their weapon recklessly. She further stated that it was a sad case and showed a lack of judgment on the behalf of the accused.

Lloyd Kandasammy

Justice George also suggested that all officers and other persons who use a firearm should be better trained.

Cummings was represented by Attorney-at-Law Adrian Thompson while State Prosecutors were Konyo Sandiford and Prithima Kissoon with Sandiford presenting the facts of the case.

Mary Kandasammy, the wife of the deceased, was seen approaching Cummings after the sentence and speaking with both him and his mother. Cummings was very remorseful and was heard apologizing to the dead man’s wife.

Kandasammy was 55 years old and resided at 183 Quamina Street, South Cummingsburg at the time of his death.

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