Sussex St man shot over wrong step

A man was shot at Sussex Street, Charlestown yesterday morning, after a fight with an acquaintance, who accused him of stepping on someone’s foot at a dance.

Richard Daniels, 30 is now a patient of the High Dependency Unit (HDU) of the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH), after receiving a single gunshot wound to the right side of his chest.

Police gave the time of the shooting as 8:55am and said that Daniels was at home when a man entered through an open door and accused him of stepping on a friend’s foot at a dance on the previous evening. During the ensuing argument, his assailant pulled out a firearm and struck Daniels to his head and then shot him to his chest and escaped, police added.

Speaking from his hospital bed, the wounded Daniels related that his assailant, who goes by the name of “George,” is known to him, since he lives a few streets away.

According to him, he and some friends were at a hangout in Norton Street on Wednesday night and the suspect was present. Daniels said he could not recall what transpired on the said night but yesterday morning “George” entered his yard at Lot 36 Sussex Street and started accusing him of something of which he said he had no knowledge. An argument ensued between the two, he said, following which the man drew a gun, shot him at close range in the chest, and ran off into nearby Ling Street.

Two of Daniels’ friends, who were present at the time, reportedly gave chase until the suspect disappeared into a yard in the street. Other acquaintances, meanwhile, rushed Daniels to the GPH, where he received treatment in the Accident and Emergency Unit before being transferred to the HDU.

Daniels told Stabroek News that the bullet entered his right side chest and exited through his back. His condition is stable.

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