Two placed on bond after assault victim drops case

Two men were yesterday placed on a bond to keep the peace after appearing before two magistrates on a charge of unlawfully assaulting another man.
Shawn French and Prince Pickering had pleaded not guilty to unlawfully assaulting David Saul and were initially placed on $50,000 bail when they appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry.

The allegation is that on September 21 at South Road, French and Pickering unlawfully assaulted Saul so as to cause him actual bodily harm.
In presenting the facts to the court, Police Corporal Lionel Harvey said that on the day in question around 21:30 hrs the defendants saw the VC standing on South Road, approached him and for no reason dealt him several cuffs to his body. Harvey said the injured Saul later reported the matter to the police and the men were arrested and charged. The duo when given a chance to speak told the court that on the day in question, they were going to the cinema and the defendant and about six others confronted them and said “y’all picking fare”. The number one accused said the VC left the others, walked up to him with an attitude and aggressively grabbed onto his pants saying, “you picking fare”. He said he pushed the VC off. The matter was transferred to court two yesterday before Magistrate Sueanna Lovell for reports and fixtures.

However, an uneasy Saul told the magistrate that he was very concerned about his security and later asked that the case be discontinued.

The prosecutor promptly asked the VC if he was sure and he responded, while shaking his head, “Yes Sir”. The magistrate then asked Saul if he was threatened or offered any inducement to drop the matter. He replied, “A friend told me something so I want to [discontinue] the case your worship.”
The magistrate then placed the men on a bond to keep the peace.

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