Brazilian miner shot at Port Kaituma

A Brazilian miner is now a patient of the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH), after he was shot in the back at a mining camp at Butterfly Backdam, Port Kaituma.

Adriano Da Silva, 26, sustained a single gunshot wound to the left side of his lower back; the bullet exited through his left side chest. According to the man, he was at the mining camp at around 8pm on Wednesday, September 21, in the company of five or six other miners, when he was shot from behind. Da Silva said he does not know the identity of the shooter, as he did not see who it was, nor does he know the reason why he was shot.

Following the shooting, the Boa Vista national was transported to the Matthews Ridge Hospital, where he was admitted, until he was flown to Georgetown yesterday. This newspaper understands that the police have since taken statements but no arrests have yet been made.
Investigations are continuing.

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