Motor cyclist, pillion rider injured in collision with stationary car

A 38-year-old man is in a critical condition at the Georgetown Hospital while his girlfriend is nursing a broken femur after the motor cycle they were on slammed head on into a car which was parked across Middle Road, La Penitence, early yesterday morning.

Troy Thorington was four houses away from his Lot 173 Middle Road, La Penitence home when the accident occurred. He is a patient of the Intensive Care Unit and is hooked up to a life support machine after undergoing emergency surgery to repair internal damage. Doctors were forced to remove a piece of his intestines, relatives said. His girlfriend, Sydney Azore, 36, of the same address is a patient of the High Dependency Unit. The driver of the motor car is in police custody assisting with investigations.

Michelle, Thorington’s sister, told Stabroek News at the hospital yesterday she received a call from her mother around 3 am and later rushed to the medical institution. On arrival there, she recalled her brother was already in the emergency room and was slipping in and out of consciousness, while her sister-in-law was being taken out of the vehicle that brought her.

She said that despite his condition, he told her that he was heading home when he spotted a car parked across the roadway. From all appearances the driver had gone to open his gate so that he could drive into the yard.

According to Michelle on seeing the stationary vehicle which had no headlights, park lights or hazard lights on, her brother said he began blowing. She said he tried slowing down but still collided with the vehicle.

Based on the accounts received by this newspaper the car driver, on seeing the approaching CG motor cycle, tried waving his hands to get the attention of the motorcyclist but to no avail since the roadway was dark.

Michelle told Stabroek News that Thorington tried to swerve but collided with the back of the vehicle. She said that both he and Azore were pitched from the motor cycle. Thorington landed on the roadway while Azore was found curled up between two posts located at the side of the road.

The woman said that the helmet Thorington was wearing at the time of the accident was bashed in. She said that the doctor took him into theatre and later informed her that her brother had sustained serious internal injuries. She said that besides the damage to his intestines, Thorington also suffered broken bones, which would require a second operation.

“The doctor said that they will try their best,” she said.

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