Remedial Maths, English now compulsory at all primary, secondary schools


The Education Ministry is extending remedial programmes for “slow learners” in the subject areas of Mathematics and English to all public primary and secondary schools countrywide.

According to the ministry, the decision, which took effect from September 1, 2011, follows the success of students in schools where the programmes have been implemented.

As a result, a circular was recently sent to all public primary and secondary schools instructing that remediation sessions be conducted as the need exists for all grade levels for one hour on four days every week,.

“Each school is required to provide a remediation schedule detailing the classes, number of pupils/students, time and assigned teachers for the term to their respective departments of education no later than the end of the second week after the commencement of each term.

“Each school is required to provide written notification to parents of all pupils/students selected for remediation outlining the days and times their children are required to attend these classes. An attendance record must be kept at each school,” reads the text of the circular quoted by the ministry.

All departments of education are required to provide professional development support for teachers in the area of remediation education, and effectively monitor the remediation programmes in schools, it also noted.

According to the ministry, at the primary level, it has restructured and intensified several remediation programmes to ensure that students who leave that cycle are able to master basic literacy and numeracy concepts.

It noted that some of the programmes currently being offered include the post-Grade Two, Four and Six remediation classes and the Performance Enhancement Project.

“These initiatives target students who obtained below 50 per cent in English and Mathematics at their end of year examinations,” it said, while noting that the general objective is to not only improve students’ performance in these two areas but also to facilitate their smooth transition to secondary school.

A six-year secondary school programme has also been introduced for low performers at the National Grade Six Assessment, with heavy emphasis on literacy and numeracy in the first year to bring these students on par with secondary school standards.

The ministry added that it has also implemented upgrading programmes for Grade Seven and Eight students who performed poorly in Mathematics and English during the July/August vacation. This year, some 20,000 students benefitted from the two month programme held countrywide, it added.

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