Youth jailed for robbing pregnant woman of gold chain

A 20-year-old man who pleaded guilty to robbing a pregnant woman of her gold chain valued $45,000 was yesterday sentenced to twelve months imprisonment after he appeared before acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

On September 26 at Water Street, Georgetown, Trevon Nedd robbed the Virtual Complainant (VC) Natasha Samuels of one gold chain valued $45,000, property of the said Samuels. On the same day he also used personal violence on the woman.

The man pleaded guilty to the offence and when he was asked by the acting chief magistrate why he had robbed the woman he said: “At the time I was very desperate to get some money for my family and I didn’t had no other way in getting it.. I wasn’t getting through with any job – I ask you for some mercy.”

He also told the court that he has one minor child.
In presenting the facts Prosecutor Lionel Harvey told the court that on the day in question at about 12:00 hrs the VC was on Water Street shopping when she felt a push from her back.

At that time, Harvey stated, the woman was wearing the gold chain  mentioned in the charge. He said that the VC turned around and saw the accused who then pushed her again and grabbed onto the chain. He added that the woman raised an alarm and public-spirited citizens gave chase and the man was caught and handed over to the police.

Harvey said that the accused was arrested and charged and subsequently admitted to the offence.

The magistrate in handing down the sentence took into consideration both the mitigating and the aggravating circumstances. She also noted that the defendant did not have any previous convictions.

Before sentencing the accused, the magistrate stressed that citizens are entitled to walk around freely without any one troubling them, and she added that it is a very serious offence.

The man was subsequently sentenced to twelve months in prison.

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