PPP/C holds roadside campaign meet in Ruimveldt

The PPP/C last evening took their campaign to the residents of South and North Ruimveldt urging them to vote for a party that has worked consistently to improve the lives of Guyanese ever since its assumption of office while Prime Minister Samuel Hinds suggested that the election would be in late November.

The party held a roadside political meeting outside Johnny P’s supermarket at the corners of Aubrey Barker and Kaikan Streets. The meeting drew a small crowd numbering not more than two dozen people.
The speakers at the event included Hinds, Labour Minster Manzoor Nadir and presidential advisor Odinga Lumumba.

Facing heckling from some of those gathered, Hinds acknowledged that the area was not traditionally supportive of the PPP/C but urged residents to vote for the party at the upcoming polls, which he suggested would be held at the end of November.

The PPP/C government, he said, had taken a hugely indebted country and turned its economy around.  He said that as a result while many countries in the world are undergoing financial strain, Guyana has been insulated. He also pointed to the increase in salaries that members in the public service have been benefiting from over time.

Speaking about transformation in the area, Hinds pointed to the establishment of the Joint Services Scheme in the area and the electrification of the neighbouring community of Sophia.

Nadir spoke about some of the government’s initiatives, emphasizing the One Laptop Per Family (OLPF).  Stressing the magnitude of the project, he said that 90,000 households are set to benefit from this project very soon.

The PPP/C officially launches its campaign today in one of its traditional strongholds, Albion.

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