Catholic priests to discuss domestic violence

How the church deals with domestic violence will be one of the issues discussed when Roman Catholic priests meet in their Clergy Conference this week.

Roman Catholic Bishop Francis Alleyne said yesterday during mass that domestic violence and violence on the whole as it is at present is disturbing. He noted that increasingly people’s response to each other seemed to be full of aggression. In the case of domestic violence, he noted that it was linked to dominance and control.

Bishop Alleyne noted too that there were increased reports in the media about incidents of domestic violence and stated that this pointed to there being many others that were unreported.

Parishioners were asked to pray for the priests while they are attending the conference, which starts tomorrow and concludes on Friday October 7 with a con-celebrated mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Brickdam at 5 pm. Bishop Alleyne will be the main celebrant at the mass, where all priests in the diocese will be present.

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