Foulis businessman shot in ambush, $8M snatched

The police say they are investigating an armed robbery that occurred at about 0745h today along the Railway Embankment, Lusignan, ECD, during which businessman Purushotam Nauth was shot. He was later hospitalized.

A statement from the police said that Nauth, 49 years, of Foulis, Enmore, ECD, was attacked and robbed by two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun.

Investigations revealed that Nauth was in a mini-bus along with the driver Somal Persaud, 40 years, of Non Pariel, ECD when two motor-vehicles sandwiched the mini-bus, forcing the driver to stop.

“A man exited from the front vehicle and another armed with a firearm from the rear vehicle and they held up the two occupants of the mini-bus. The perpetrators then took away a bag containing $8M from Purushotam Nauth who was shot to his right shoulder in the process, after which they escaped in their vehicles.”

Police said Nauth has been admitted to the GPHC for medical attention.


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