Ramotar promises modern Guyana

In his first major outing on the campaign trail as the PPP’s presidential candidate, General Secretary Donald Ramotar yesterday pledged a modern Guyana if elected and greater focus on cheaper energy.

Ramotar said new infrastructure has to be created for the country to grow at a faster rate. He told a sizable crowd at the party’s rally at Albion yesterday that hydropower is important to take the country to a new level.

President Bharrat Jagdeo and presidential candidate Donald Ramotar dancing with chutney queen Fiona at the Albion Rally yesterday. (GINA photo)

He noted that energy in Guyana is more expensive than in neighbouring countries. He said the party would ensure that not only Skeldon is linked to co-generation of electricity but would build co-generation in other sugar factories.

He said they are already bringing solar power in the interior and would continue to do so “in every area possible.” He also spoke about investigating the feasibility of wind power and bio-fuel “so we would not be short of power.”

Ramotar said they took the task of rebuilding Guyana and now is the time to take it to a new level. He assured the gathering that progress would continue under his leadership.

He said the party is trying to equip people to face the modern world and that the new workforce of the future must be multi-disciplined to move forward and compete with the rest of the world.

He said too they would build a modern Guyana in which information technology would play a vital role and create jobs for the young people.

Part of the gathering at the PPP rally yesterday.

It would also enable “capable and qualified” women to work from home and still be with their children.

He also mentioned the establishment of a deep water harbour in Berbice for the exporting of large-scale agri products.

Regarding the main opposition party, he said he and its candidate, David Granger have a distinct past.

“Granger spent his life defending an undemocratic system… and he never apologised for the damage he did to Guyana.”

Ramotar, said he, on the other hand spent his life “from age 17 with Cheddi and Janet Jagan trying to bring back dignity in society.”

He also accused “elements of the opposition” of “going to the interior and trying to frighten residents about the Low Carbon Development policy… that we would stop them from farming and mining.”

In his address, President Bharrat Jagdeo lashed out at Kaieteur News publisher, Glen Lall “because every day there is a new scandal he generates because he thinks everyone lives in the gutter as he does.”

Further, he told the gathering, “Guess who is his editor-in-chief? Adam Harris who was editor-in-chief of the New Nation… the PNC organ… and Prime News.”

He also told his supporters that they should not believe the “garbage that they put out…”

He said proudly that his government took the country from bankruptcy to one of the most viable countries in the Caribbean. He also boasted about having five consecutive  years of economic growth.

He said the country spent the most on education, health care and water while the fiscal deficit was also reduced.

The president also reminded the crowd about the investment government made in terms of the Skeldon Sugar factory and the Berbice River Bridge as well as the University of Guyana, Tain Campus.

He told them that the rally was not to get them hyped up but for them to be “ambassadors of the message” about the struggle.

In outlining the development of his government, Jagdeo accused the opposition of living in a different era.

He said Granger does not want to talk about development such as ICT but he wants to go back to the era of National Service.

According to him, the PNC is “pulling a fast one” by changing its name “to APNU but they have the same policies and the same issues.”

Jagdeo said the Alliance For Change “is a confusing group of people” with “mixed messages and that “Ramjattan has become the water boy.”

Among those making remarks were Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds and former PNCR member, Joseph Hamilton who said “the PPP is the only party to lead Guyana” and the “other parties are masquerading.”

The crowd was entertained by the Shakti Strings band along with singers including Fiona Singh, Mahendra Ramkellawan and ‘Sweet Kindingo.’

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