Region Nine road, infrastructure works underway

The Region Nine Administration says a series of multimillion-dollar works including rehabilitating and building access roads and bridges and installing lighting and other infrastructure in and around the region are progressing well.

In a press release REO Ronald Harsawack said this year, the Ministry of Public Works and Communications awarded contracts valued $692,189,870 for the construction and rehabilitation of roads and structures from Kurupukari to Lethem, Lethem to Aishalton and Karasabai to Monkey Mountain in Region Eight. These contracts are for the construction of an upgraded laterite surface road, construction and upgrades to several bridges, the building of culverts, village access roads and continuous maintenance of other existing roadways.

Harsawack said the regional administration has also budgeted $99,000,000 for the construction of double bitumen surface treatment roads in Lethem, St Ignatius and Culvert City. “While upgraded laterite surface roads are being constructed in sections from Lethem to Aishalton, and several village access roads. Several new bridges and high capacity 48” double culverts will also be constructed and installed along existing as well as new routes to both the North and South of the Rupununi,” he said.

In addition, revetments along critical roadways and bridges are also being built. The REO indicated that this type of civil work has become necessary since over the past few years during the rainy season the region has experienced increased levels of flooding making several roads and bridges impassable. The current works will ensure that even with a significant amount of flooding in the savannahs, the main routes will remain serviceable.

According to the release, an additional sum of $42,200,000 was allocated for rehabilitation and maintenance work to similar structures in the region which are “ongoing and progressing satisfactorily.” Another component of the region’s work programme includes the installation of street lights and bridge illumination aids. Forced fixed weight restrictions to bridges will also be implemented during the contractual works.

Harsawack also noted that the pace of road works was impeded during the rainy season though works were completed in the Central District except for the main thoroughfare in Lethem, where an upgraded design was recently completed to include work on existing and new roundabouts. Work was also completed on culverts and street lights had been installed. The release said road crews are now working in the Deep South areas and work is progressing rapidly. Several sections along the Kurupakari-Lethem road have also been completed.

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