Victoria Resources adopts Matthew’s Ridge community

Victoria Resources, a company involved in exploration activity at Matthew’s Ridge in Region One, has announced its corporate adoption of the Matthew’s Ridge community.

The company during Amerindian Heritage and Education Month made donations to the community.

According to a press release, the company developed a playground for Pakera Nursery School so that children can have a  safer environment to play and learn.

On September 22 the acting head teacher of the school said that it was dangerous to send the children to play in the bushes and for health and safety reasons they were restricted from playing, the release said.

It noted too that the company also provided electricity and repainted the school as well as supplied the youngsters with reading and colouring books.  Victoria Resources has made a commitment to supply such items each school term.

The company also provided the Matthew’s Ridge Hospital with a refrigerator for the staff, a computer with printer/scanner for the doctor’s office and fans for the patients.

And along with Forward Guyana, a newly-formed non-profit organization, Victoria Resources provided IT training to teachers at the Matthew’s Ridge Secondary School. The school was in desperate need of an IT teacher to teach the subject there.

The school was repainted and the company provided a printer and scanner for the head teacher’s office.

In addition, Victoria Resources has also extended medical help to Baramita Village and plans to provide a weekly medical service to the community.

A successful outcome of the company’s endeavors will create hundreds of semi and highly skilled jobs in the mining sector while bringing new tax revenues to the country, the release concluded.

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