$1M ransom asked for NWD fisherman ‘Convict’

A fisherman has gone missing since Friday last and his family has reason to believe that he was kidnapped, following telephone calls to them demanding a ransom of $1 million.

According to Rasheed Bridgemohan’s aunt Bibi Ameena Majeed, her nephew left her Lot 61 ‘F’ Farm Squatting Area home, to go and have a tattoo of his wife’s name placed on his arm.

He never returned but she and other family members paid no mind to his absence. The woman said that Bridgemohan, called ‘Convict’, 36, arrived at her home from the North West District – where he lives – on Wednesday last, and he went out that night. As is the norm when he visits, she explained, he didn’t return until about 11 pm. The following day, Friday, “after he dint show up me jus say he go come back when he ready”, and did not bother to inform the police.

Majeed said it was only yesterday afternoon around 2.30, after she received an anonymous phone call that she became concerned and moved to make a police report. According to her, the caller informed her that they are holding “Nano” (Bridgemohan) captive because he owed them some money. She said she was also informed by the caller that the sum owed was $500,000 but they had increased it to $1 million. The man’s aunt said the men told her to have the money dropped off at the South Dakota Circuit, or “we go pick up he body there”. The woman said she then asked the caller where she was supposed to get the money from, to which she was told “well you gon pick up he body”. She said she then responded “well ayuh do wah ayuh want”.

The woman related that the caller rang twice more, but “I was too frighten to answer so I let he nephew answer. He [the caller] de finding out if we making arrangements with the money so, the nephew say he gotta hear Nano voice fuss”. She continued that the nephew related to her that he heard a voice some distance off in the background saying “aunty they gon kill meh”, but when he demanded once more to speak Bridgemohan, the caller hung up.

Majeed disclosed that her nephew is a fisherman who travels from the North West to Venezuela doing business. She said he had come out of the interior on business, as well as to take his son and nephew back with him. He has two children, one boy and one girl.
Investigations are continuing into the matter.

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