Blood bank issues SOS for donors

The blood bank is at a critically low level on blood at present and so the Ministry of Health has issued an SOS for blood.

“We are requesting regular blood donors or anyone who wants to be a donor to please come forward and make your donation,” the ministry said in a press release.

It stated further that during the coming weekend the Caribbean Heart Institute (CHI) at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation is expected to do at least eight open heart surgeries.

And in this circumstance, the release noted, the Ministry of Health through the blood bank is appealing for at least 104 donors this week in order to meet the expected demand for blood products.

Additionally, 300 blood donors will also be required during this week at both the private and public hospitals for normal surgeries, cancer services, cesarean section in pregnancy, and for emergencies such as accidents.

Anyone who is 17 years or older and weighs from 110 pounds is eligible to make a donation and can visit the various blood bank sites. “This is an urgent call for blood donation. Please help to keep our family and friends safe,” the release urged.

Blood donations can be made at the National Blood Transfusion Service, Lamaha Street, Georgetown; West Demerara Regional Hospital; Suddie Hospital, Essequibo; Linden Hospital, Linden; New Amsterdam Hospital  Berbice.

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