Dutch Bottle café manager fends off invading bandits

-suspect held

The manager of the Dutch Bottle Café was beaten last evening while trying to avert an attack by three bandits who invaded the business.

One of the men who attacked the Lot 10, North Road, Bourda, Georgetown business was held due to the fight put up by Renata Chuck-a-Sang, who was gun-butted several times during her attempt to keep the bandits on the lower flat. The two who escaped made off with a laptop and a cellular phone.

When Stabroek News arrived on the scene, there was a small amount of blood at the entrance of the cafe that was said to be Chuck-a-Sang’s.

One of the traumatised staff members explained that the attack occurred around 9pm, when a man entered the yard and requested a Guinness. The waiter, she said, took $300 from the man and proceeded to get the beverage while another man entered and took a seat to the opposite side of the customer.

Shortly after, a third individual entered and immediately pointed the weapon to the waiter before escorting him to the back of the building, slapped him against the grill and demanded cash. The waiter reportedly handed the perpetrator the $300 he had in his hand and told him he has nothing else.

Meanwhile, another employee managed to run upstairs and alert everyone in the restaurant of what was transpiring. This, the woman said, prompted her boss to instantly make her way downstairs, where she met the armed bandit. “He put the gun back in the bag and she plunged towards him like she was going to swim,” the waitress explained.

The two accomplices then attempted to get the woman off of the man. Meanwhile, the staff members and customers went on to the porch and started screaming for help, alerting passing drivers, including taxi-cab drivers. Among the taxis was a “yellow-gold car” into which one of the men ran. He was followed by another while the third bandit, who was armed, was left behind due to the fight put up by the cafe manager.

Employees stated that the man was beaten by several of the taxi drivers and guards from nearby businesses. He was arrested and was in police custody up to press time last evening.

Chuck-a-Sang, meanwhile, was said to be badly injured and was not hearing from one of her ears.

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