NAACIE confident of favourable arbitration in pay dispute with GPL

The National Association of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE) says it is confidently awaiting the decision of an arbitration tribunal set up to mediate on its dispute with  the Guyana  Power and Light (GPL) regarding a pay increase for workers.

According to a release from the union, the recently concluded arbitration inquired into the dispute between the power company and NAACIE regarding an increase in the wages/salaries for the year 2010, non payment of annual increment for the years 2007 to 2010 and the performance incentive awards for the years 2006 to 2009 for workers of GPL.

NAACIE assured its affected membership that a fair decision will emerge from the dispute primarily because of the reasonable soundness of its submissions to the tribunal, as well as its confidence in the experience, reputation and integrity of the three arbitrators.

This is within the context of employees receiving conditions no less favourable prior to disputes and NAACIE has pointed to the concessions that it had already made in a 2001 pay structure agreement when the power company had pleaded financial shortfalls.

The union stated that it has never accepted GPL’s arguments and reasons for discontinuing payments previously agreed upon.
NAACIE stated that the power company’s reasons for its arbitrary cessation of payments to GPL workers represented by NAACIE included the usual claims of “fluctuating oil prices” and revenue shortfalls. The union stated, however, that it is aware of grand expansion plans by GPL, subsidies by the government and GPL’s reluctance to describe “surpluses as profits” and its declaration of profits from its annual report.
According to NAACIE, with a significant increase in GPL customers, a recent development, the power company is not expected to renege on agreements unilaterally. The body stated that it is in keeping with these issues and expectations that its members will benefit mutually from the decisions of the arbitrators.

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