Seven injured in Essequibo accident

Seven persons, including an Essequibo vendor, were on Friday injured in a vehicular collision which took place in the vicinity of Middlesex, Pomeroon.

Basmattie Bissoon, 48 of Good Hope, Essequibo is scheduled to undergo surgery at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH)where she is now a patient, after having sustained head injuries and a fracture to the face as a result of the accident. According to the woman’s sister-in-law Pam, at around 5pm Bissoon and her two sisters were in their white van on the way home from the Anna Regina market, when a green car slammed into their vehicle. Pam said that all the passengers as well as the two drivers were taken to the Suddie Hospital, where six of them are still patients, while Bissoon was transferred to the GPH.

The other injured are Bisnauth, the van driver; Bissoon’s sisters Maharanie Persaud, 20, and Nandranie Persaud; the latter’s daughter-in-law Suzie; Maharanie’s 3-year-old daughter Sunisha Jaiantia Narine; and the 17-year-old driver of the car.

The teen driver, who hails from Adventure, Essequibo, is currently under police watch at the Suddie Hospital.

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