Gunshot injury killed Foulis businessman

A post-mortem examination performed yesterday on the body of Foulis businessman Purushotam Nauth revealed the cause of death as gunshot injury.

Nauth was attacked and robbed by two men around 7.45 am on Monday. Police said that at the time, Nauth was in the company of his cousin, Somal Persaud, 39, of Non Pareil, who was driving him in minibus BMM 6460. The robbers used two cars to sandwich the bus and Persaud told Stabroek News that the robber close to him hit the window with the gun and broke it, and they both began demanding “the money,” which was lying in a haversack on the bus floor in front of Nauth at the time.

Purushotam Nauth

He said the bandit on Nauth’s side of the bus suggested that the other shoot him, so he closed his eyes and awaited the hit. Persaud said he heard the gunshot, and on opening his eyes he saw that his boss had been shot. He said the men grabbed the bag and returned to their respective vehicles.

At the time of the incident, Nauth was on his way to the bank to deposit the $8 million. The man’s wife believes that the robbery might be the successor of an earlier robbery this year, in which bandits snatched a deposit book, which had all records of the time and dates that deposits are made. She speculated that the person who had the deposit book had traced her husband through the information. Nauth will be cremated today. Police have since made no arrests in relation to the matter, and investigations continue.

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