Annandale hit and run victim showing signs of improvement

Oma Devi Persaud who was struck down by a speeding car at Annandale, East Coast Demerara last Wednesday is showing signs of improvement but remains in a critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit of the Georgetown Hospital.

Her mother, Khemrajie told Stabroek News yesterday that her daughter’s eyelids move when they speak to her and she also reacts to the stroking of the soles of her feet.

The woman said that doctors are saying that these signs of improvement are encouraging but that a second CAT scan is needed since it is believed that she did indeed sustain head injuries.

Meanwhile, relatives said that the driver has been charged and made his first court appearance last Friday.

“I ain’t too fussy about this court case. I just praying that she recovers”, Khemrajie said yesterday stressing that everything is in God’s hands.

Based on the accounts given to this newspaper, Persaud, a resident of Lot 59 Annandale West was waiting on a bus when a car which was overtaking vehicles slammed into her. The impact hurled the woman into the air and she landed in a nearby drain.

As the car drove off, public-spirited citizens rushed to her assistance and managed to lift the unconscious Persaud onto the roadway. Her brother was informed of the accident and when he arrived on the scene he took her to the hospital.

Police acting on information, later arrested the driver, the owner of the car and someone from a body repair shop where the car had been taken and repaired.

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