Meadowbank man critical after stabbing

A 34-year-old Meadowbank man was last evening stabbed to the left abdomen after a business deal went sour.

Reports are that sometime after 7 pm Troy Armstrong was called out of his house at Second Street, Meadowbank by a group of men in a car. According to an eyewitness, the men and Armstrong proceeded to another section of the small community during which a heated argument ensued.

She said that she was standing in front of a shop close to the Our Lady of the Mount Roman Catholic Church at Da Silva Street in the area when she observed “a commotion in front the church”.

According to a resident, Armstrong, who lives alone, was collared by one of the men while others restrained him and “them been asking he fuh the money”.

The man was stabbed multiple times to the left side of his abdomen by one of the men with an ice–pick and the group later escaped in the waiting car.

Armstrong was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital by his partner and his condition was said to be critical but stable.

Police ranks stationed at the outpost at the public hospital were informed of the incident while investigations are being undertaken to arrest the perpetrators.

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