APNU says will boost public image soon

The opposition coalition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) yesterday announced that it will boost its public image very soon with visible paraphernalia.

APNU member Lance Carberry was at the time responding to a question from Stabroek News on poor visibility of the party’s advertisements on the elections campaign trail.

“We have been working on the ground. You do not need to put up billboards and scrolls to show that work is being done. Very soon in the coming weeks you will have massive evidence of everything being done,” said Carberry.

He added that the delay was not due to lack of funds but to the careful planning and strategizing of APNU’s political campaign members.

The party had said some weeks ago that APNU could spend at least US$6 million ($1.2 billion) on the campaign. There have been concerns raised in some quarters that APNU is cash-strapped and has produced very few black and white posters and no billboards compared to the PPP/C and to a lesser extent the Alliance For Change (AFC).

While the AFC is yet to give a figure that will be spent on its campaign, it has in recent days been plastering posters around several strategic locations and has been holding a number of public meetings countrywide.

Presidential Advisor on Governance Gail Teixeira had said, at a PPP/C campaign rally held in Kitty, that the APNU’s US$6M budget was “overwhelming” and that her party had nothing close to that to spend. She at the time also asked that parties sign documents that would ensure an audit at the end of the elections in an attempt to give an account for all funding.

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