Linden couple attacked, robbed by gunman

A Linden/Georgetown minibus driver and his female partner were robbed of an undisclosed sum of cash, jewellery and other personal effects at their Wis/Roc Housing Scheme, Wismar Linden home last night.

It was shortly after 10 pm when the duo was attacked and robbed by a lone gunman who inflicted a wound to the bus driver’s head. Dwayne aka Redman said that he and his female partner Tandika Miller had just arrived home. Miller had entered the house leaving Dwayne to lock up their minibus and the gates. “All I hear was dis bam like a gunshot and dis striking hit to deh back of my head.” He said the next thing he remembered seeing was a masked, short man brandishing a hand gun at him demanding money. “He seh give meh all deh money but I don’t got money on me I does deposit everything before I come home. I don’t got no money on me.” He added that a scuffle ensued between him and the lone gunman but because of the profuse bleeding, Dwayne felt weak and fell to the ground.

Still conscious he recalled the bandit standing over him waving the gun while pulling off the gold chain he was wearing.

Miller on hearing the unusual rumbling went outside to investigate when she came face to face with the gunman who while pointing the gun at her pulled away her handbag which contained her mobile phones and other personal effects and an undisclosed sum of cash.

The gunman then made good his escape through the couple’s back yard. At the time there were no lights in either the couple’s or their neighbour’s yard.

Recently there have been a series of gunpoint robberies at Linden committed on residents’ homes, small businesses and individuals. Persons said that they  suspect a group of men who circle the town especially at nights.

They said two of the men are former police officers, one of whom fits the description of a gunman who had robbed several persons at gunpoint. The men, they claim, come from Georgetown using a taxi on a regular basis.

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