BlackBerry service back to normal -Digicel

Telecommunications provider Digicel says that its BlackBerry service has returned to normal after a sloth in the service associated with a global outage affected several customers locally over the past several days. Digicel’s spokesperson Shonnet Moore told Stabroek News yesterday that the company had been updating its customers via sms messaging on the issue.

In response to a report in this newspaper that said Digicel had not publicly responded to customer complaints, Moore pointed out that affected customers had been updated on the situation on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook.
Two days ago, several subscribers to the BlackBerry service complained about disruptions, which was part of the global outage that affected users in more than five continents.

Some local users of the BlackBerry messenger service (BBM) noted on Thursday that they had been experiencing difficulty in sending and receiving emails and other forms of information via the service. RIM was working to remedy the problems associated with the service, which affected millions of persons across the globe.

Analysts estimated that about half of BlackBerry’s 70 million subscribers outside North America would have been affected during the outage.

A source at Digicel told this newspaper on Thursday that the company could not do much about the disruption, since it is platform host Research in Motion (RIM) that is responsible for the operation of the service.

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