Miner charged with assault, damage to property

Colin Smith of Lot 101 Sparendaam, East Coast Demerara is accused of breaking and entering the dwelling of Mallisa Peters on October 13 and assaulting her and damaging six louvre panes, one electric fan and one beaded curtain.

The court was told that the defendant and the Virtual Complainant (VC) shared a common law relationship for three years and it ended as a result of a misunderstanding. On the day in question the VC heard a noise in the yard and saw the defendant. He then asked her to open the door but she refused and he proceeded to break the windows and entered the house and assaulted Peters, damaging her fan and beaded curtain in the process.

The matter was reported to the police who subsequently combed the area and found Smith in an unfinished concrete building next to the VC’s home and he was arrested.

The matter was transferred to court 3 and he is expected to make another appearance on October 28.

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