Miner stabbed to death during row with 15-yr-old

Police say they are investigating the murder of a 22-year-old miner that took place yesterday at Baramita, North West District.

According to a police release, investigations revealed that at about 1 pm yesterday Johanna Baird and a 15-year-old youth were imbibing at a shop at Baramita, when an argument allegedly ensued between the two. It was during this argument that Baird allegedly slapped the suspect, who in turn stabbed him to his neck.

The release continued that the suspect left and returned with a cutlass, but was confronted by another man in the shop, during which he was wounded to his chest an abdomen.

Baird was pronounced dead on arrival at the Matthews Ridge Hospital, and according to a police source the injuries the suspect received were not life-threatening and he is currently a patient under guard at the Matthews Ridge Hospital.

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