Knifepoint robber jailed for three years

Acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry yesterday sentenced a 42-year-old man who admitted committing two robberies while being armed with a knife to three years imprisonment on each count after he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

Ray King was sentenced to three years behind bars and the sentences will run concurrently.

The court heard that while being armed with a knife the accused robbed Kavita Rooplall of one cellular phone and silver jewellery to the total  value of $37,000. On the same day also the man robbed Ragnauth Singh of $80,000 along with a motor vehicle licence and insurance.

The father of three when given a chance to speak told the court, “I was walking with a next guy…he stick up the woman… but they found the items on me so I accept that I am guilty… I beg you for a lenient sentence…I don’t have no family please be lenient on me.”

In presenting the facts Prosecutor Lionel Harvey told the court that on the day in question, the accused along with others while being armed with a knife robbed the VC of the articles and as they were making their escape public-spirited citizens came to the rescue of the woman  and the accused was apprehended. However the others who were involved in the unlawful act managed to escape, Harvey stated. He added that the man was taken to the police station and was subsequently charged.

In handing down the sentence  the magistrate took both the mitigating and aggravating circumstances into consideration.

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