Man who admits to smoking ganja jailed on trafficking charge

Acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine–Beharry yesterday sentenced a 46–year-old labourer to three years imprisonment along with a $30,000 fine after he pleaded guilty to the charge of possession of ganja  for the purpose of trafficking.

The court was told that Troy Franklin who was in the vicinity of North Road, Bourda had in his possession 27 grammes of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking.

Initially a not guilty plea was recorded for the accused who said: “I do not traffic.  I does smoke…the day when the police de find the cannabis de bring it to me and seh is me own… it was never found on me… I am telling you the truth nothing but the truth.”

However the man later admitted that he was guilty of the offence and he also stated that he did not want to waste the court’s time. “I am guilty your honour…I don’t want to waste the court’s time… I don’t have any one to bail me so I accept that I am guilty.”

In presenting the facts Prosecutor Lionel Harvey told the court that on the day in question ranks from the CID were on patrol at about 16:00 hrs in the North Road area when they observed the accused and two others playing cards. He added that the men were approached by the police ranks, a search were conducted on their person and as a result the seeds, leaves and stems which appeared to be cannabis were found on the accused in a plastic bag. Harvey further stated that the man was later arrested and charged.

The accused seemed remorseful after the jail sentence  was read to him.

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