Two charged with assaulting cops at nightclub

Magistrate Krishendat Persaud granted $100,000 bail each to two men accused of assaulting three policemen at a nightclub.

At the New Amsterdam Court, Orin Babb, 27, of Lot 263 Errolsville Housing Scheme and Shelton Seales, 26, of Lot 29 Howard’s Ally were accused jointly of three counts of assault against policemen Lawrence Thomas and Phillip Walters and Detective Corporal #19043 Chatenand Jaisingh. They were also jointly charged with disorderly behaviour.

The incident allegedly stemmed from a misunderstanding between the men and the policemen at the Castle Night Club at Chapel Street on Saturday night.

The court heard that on October 15, Babb allegedly obstructed the detective from performing his duties. He is also accused of obstructing policemen Thomas and Walters from performing their duties and resisted Walters when he tried to placate him.

Meanwhile, Seales is charged with resisting both policemen.

The two accused were ordered to return to court on November 4.

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