Dharmic Sabha announces Deepavali motorcade schedule

The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha says this year’s roster of activities for Deepavali celebrations will include seven motorcades across the country that will meet at a number of venues for grand cultural presentations.

In a press release, Sabha president Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud said the celebration has transcended race, creed and religion and has attracted people from all walks of life. This year’s celebrations will start tomorrow where the first motorcade will leave Affiance and Sparta and meet at the Anna Regina Community Centre Ground.

On Saturday October 22 a motorcade will travel from Ruimzeight and Parika at 6 pm and converge at the Oceanview Mandir Ground, West Coast Demerara.

On Sunday October 23 the motorcades will assemble at Main and Vryheid Street at 6.30pm and meet at the Canje Ground, East Berbice while a second convoy will assemble at Bushlot, Corentyne and No. 1 Village and converge at the Port Mourant Centre Ground.

A convoy will also leave Crabwood Creek and Adventure at 6pm and meet at the Tagore High School Ground. On Monday October 24 a convoy will travel from Bushlot and meet at the Blairmont Community Centre Ground.

The Sabha said the central motorcade is set for Tuesday October 25. Floats participating will assemble at the Shri Krishna Mandir, Campbellville at 5.30pm and depart at 6.30pm proceeding west along Campbell Avenue into Sandy Babb Street, travelling north into JB Singh Road and east into the Sea wall Road to the LBI Community Centre Ground for the prize giving ceremony.

For the large categories prizes are as follows; the first prize is valued $300,000, the second, $250,000; the third, $200,000 and the fourth $150,000. In the small category the first prize is valued $225,000; the second, $175,000; the third $125,000 and the fourth, $100,000. All the prize winners in these two categories will also be given trophies.

Winners in the commercial categories will be given trophies and a special trophy will also be given to the best designer. Deepavali will be celebrated on Wednesday October 26.

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