Child in Airy Hall crash for transfer to paediatrics

After spending almost three weeks in the Intensive Care Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital, 10-year-old Sameer Samshuddin will soon be transferred to the open paediatric ward where his parents can have 24/7 access to him.

The Strathaven Primary School student sustained trauma to the head and chest when the vehicle he was travelling in slammed into a lantern post at the Airy Hall, Mahaicony turn on the morning of October 2, killing 12-year-old Raheem Xavier and 15-year-old Collin Williams.

When Stabroek News visited the hospital yesterday, the boy’s father, Mohamed Samshuddin explained that the part of his son’s brain which is responsible for his movement is affected but noted that the transfer from the ICU is good since doctors had indicated that the more persons communicate with the child, the faster he is likely to recover. Physiotherapy too, he said, will help in his full recovery.

Sameer Samshuddin

Samshuddin also stated that doctors have recommended a walkman for the child which he can listen to daily and noted that this will assist his brain in reacting faster.

The man further stated the tube through which the child was receiving oxygen has been removed from his mouth and has been placed through his throat. He explained that after two weeks, the tube can cause an infection but in the throat, it can be kept longer and will also help him to breathe better.

He noted that over time, there has been an outpouring of support from families and the Muslim community at large. “There has been immense prayers and not only in Guyana. There’s the entire network… in Pakistan, India, England, Australia, Canada, the USA, Trinidad and Barbados. They are all linked to the network and are offering prayers for his speedy recovery,” Samshuddin added. He further stated that he is thankful for the support and is asking for it to remain ongoing.

“There have been signs of improvement… His condition is more stable now,” Azeez noted.

He further stated that the relatives of the persons who died in the accident have come to realize that it was the will of God and has accepted the passing of their loved ones.

Also in the waiting room of the GPH was Marketing Manager of the National Communications Network, Raymond Azeez, who was also involved in the accident.

In response to a question about the driver of the vehicle, 34-year-old Asif Hack, this newspaper was told that the man was still bedridden but was doing better and was able to communicate. Any charges he may face, Azeez explained, depended on both Samshuddin’s recovery and himself.

“The law will be the law. The police will have to wait on his recovery because the driver has to give a statement and he has to be in a condition to attend court or whatever if he is charged,” he stated.

Both the men indicated that they hoped it did not result in Hack being charged.

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