Periwinkle Club marks five years of support to cancer patients

The Periwinkle Cancer Club is celebrating its 5th anniversary with a series of events, commencing with a church service today at the Campbellville Baptist Church.

The organization, founded on October 17, 2006 by Dr Wallis Best Plummer and several others who shared a devoted interest in providing support for cancer patients, as well as survivors, has become involved in outreaches to communities, phone calls, visits to hospitals and homes and counselling services. It has provided the opportunity for persons to not only find a measure of emotional and material support with a caring community but the chance to engage in social and educational activities with persons who genuinely care.

Non-governmental organizations, corporate friends and individual trusts in Guyana, the USA, Canada and England as well as many others have offered financial support to the organization.

In a press release, acknowledgement was given to Hunt’s, Toucan Industries, Scotiabank and the Association of Guyanese Nurses and Allied Professionals (AGNAP). Donations made by these organisations were said to have facilitated the support of over 100 individuals through the provision of hampers, prosthetics, financial support or other assistance for medical services and related activities.

In observance of its five years of existence, the cub will also have additional visits to cancer patients and survivors, distribution of hampers as well as host an awards function through which members who have given unstinting and sterling support will be honoured.

The press release further stated that the board of the club wishes to acknowledge the commitment of its tireless and dedicated members, especially Annette Gooding, current vice-chairperson.

The club, it noted, remains firmly committed to the continuation of the community based activities and to an extension of its health and educational endeavours and other services and activities.

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