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Weekly Update on Preparation for the General and Regional Elections – 2011

Procurement of Sensitive Election Materials
(Ballot Paper)

GECOM is in the process of procuring sensitive election materials, including Ballot Paper, Statements of Poll Forms, Tally Sheets and indelible ink from Code Inc. a reliable overseas supplier which has over the decades supplied the Commission with such materials.  All of the required materials will be in GECOM’s possession well ahead of Election Day to allow for the logistical arrangements to be put in place for the smooth conduct of the Elections in all of the 10 Electoral Districts.

Applications For the Appointment of Proxy

The Returning Officers in all of the 10 Electoral Districts will commence treating with applications for the appointment of proxy on November 14, 2011.  Application Forms for the appointment of proxy would be available from the Offices of the Returning Officers as of this said date.

Proxy vote is a vote cast by an appointed elector on behalf of another elector.  Voters who could vote by proxy because they would be unable to personally go to the Polling Place where they are registered to vote are:-

1. Voters who would be on duty on Election Day either because they are members of the Disciplined Services or Rural Constables;
2. Voters connected with the elections as assigned by a Returning Officer;
3. Voters  who would be working on a vessel for the Transport and Harbours Department on Election Day;
4. Voters who are duly appointed Candidates at the Elections, and who would be away from their area of residence on Election Day; and
5. Voters who are blind or otherwise physically incapacitated.

A voter can be appointed to vote as proxy for NO MORE than two other voters. A voter appointed as proxy must (i) be listed on the same Official List of Electors, (ii) be listed to vote at the same Polling Station, and (iii) must vote at the same time that he/she votes on behalf of the elector he or she is voting for by proxy.

Not more than ONE voter can be appointed to vote as proxy on behalf of another voter. Applications for appointment of proxy must be presented to the District Returning Officer not later than 10 days before Election Day.

GECOM  settling outstanding 2010 debts

GECOM has received approval for the payment of outstanding debts associated with the procurement of goods and services in respect for the aborted preparations for Local Government Elections in 2010.  Accordingly, all concerned persons are invited to check with the respective Registration Offices or GECOM’s Accounts Department regarding payment of monies owed to them.

Training of Polling Day Staff

GECOM, having completed a nationwide series of two-day Training Sessions targeting personnel who will be employed to work throughout Guyana on Polling Day for the upcoming Elections, is currently engaged in a second round of similar training to make up for a minor shortfall in District 4.   In this regard, Training Sessions were conducted simultaneously at 18 locations in Georgetown and on the East Bank of Demerara on October 22 and 23, 2011.  Similar Sessions will be conducted in the other Districts should the need arise.

The Commission has been assured by the Secretariat that the full quota of the persons required to work across Guyana on Election Day will be met, based on the number of applications that are in hand for persons to be trained during the second round of training.  Upon the completion of the Training Session, appointment letters would be dispatched to the persons who would be hired to work in the various positions on Election Day.

Vishnu Persaud
Public Relations Officer

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