Burton says landed OLPF job on merit, not politics

Gillian Burton, one of the four persons who recently endorsed the PPP/C, says she got a supervisory job with the One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) office as a genuine applicant and not as a political favourite.

“I applied for this job as Verification Officer for OLPF Region Four like any ordinary citizen, did the interview like any ordinary citizen and it is because of my qualifications and nothing else I’m here today,” she told Stabroek News.

The former president of the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) said that many persons hate her for the decision she has made and she even lost some friends. She however stated that this in no way troubles her. Said Burton, “I am comfortable in my own skin with every decision I make. True friendships are never built on what I can do or someone can do for me or my political persuasion so maybe it is for the best.”

She added “I’m equally passionate about advancement of persons in Information Technology as I am on labour issues,” she said when asked why she did not prefer a job in labour relations where her skills and experience could be better utilized.

Burton on Sunday shared the platform with Chairman of the Guyana Post Office Corporation, Juan Edghill who made his first appearance on the PPP/C campaign trail for the 2011 general election.

The longtime critic of the PPP/C government on labour issues, related at that forum that even in her past capacity was always encouraged by the PPP/C to continue to fight for what she believed in.

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